Winning The Lottery To Get Out Of Debt

MoneyI’m sure those who are deep in debt and in dire need of money have thought of it…”if only I could win the lottery I would be debt-free”. So what are the chances of winning the lottery? The odds say less chance than getting hit by lightning. When’s the last time you got hit by lightning?

It’s hard enough to win the lotto once but I just don’t get how a few lucky people win more than once, sometimes 2 or 3 times even. I remember one guy won millions 3 times over a span of a few years and each time the lottery corporation had to investigate to make sure it was legit  Of course they didn’t find anything and he  probably just had some lucky horseshoes or some sixth sense. I don’t think you can beat the lottery system with so many combination of numbers that are stacked so high against you to win in the first place.

But then you get a glimmer of hope when you hear the guy just got laid off his job and then won the lottery or was down to his last dollar, bought a lottery ticket and won millions. Of course this is rare, but it makes the news and gives everyone a good feeling that someone down on his luck got a lucky break.

But what happens to people who all of a sudden get huge amounts of money from a  lottery win. Are they able to manage this money because no matter how much money you have if you don’t manage it properly it is bound to disappear. I’m sure you’ve heard the stories from millions to bankrupt for lottery winners and can’t understand how it could happen. They went overboard and kept spending until it went out of style…and it did.

Therefore it isn’t the amount of money you have but what it is you do with the money. Whether you have millions or hundreds, money management is the vital ingredient to getting out of debt. Spending like there is no tomorrow usually means there won’t be any money left when tomorrow does arrive.

Of course I don’t count on the lottery to reach my goal of financial freedom but it doesn’t hurt to buy a ticket once in awhile just in case to cover all my options.

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