Tony Chau Internet Marketer Buying His Third Home In Chicago On House Hunters

Once HGTV’s House Hunters presented a story about an internet marketer named Tony Chau, who was buying his second home in Hollywood, it was an instant hit in the ratings. Everyone was curious how this person was able to  become a self-made millionaire just from the internet and is now enjoying the dot com lifestyle of expensive homes, fast cars and fabulous parties.  Not only does he have homes in Las Vegas and Hollywood, but he was back by popular demand for another episode of House Hunters as he searched for his third home in Chicago which this time around his business partner, Jason Traut, was going in on it with him. Also his interior designer and friend, James Charles, was there to help in the search and turn the condo into a stylish pad.

It’s no wonder the elusive Tony Chau has been frantically searched for online every time the episodes air because everyone wants to find out his secrets to his success. Afterall Tony has the rags to riches story that is appealing and motivating.  [Read more...]

Can Internet Marketing Make You A Millionaire?

internet lifestyleOn a recent episode of House Hunters, a 26 year old millionaire internet marketer named Tony Chau was shopping around for a house in the Hollywood Hills. I really like this show and generally anything about real estate buying, selling, flipping etc.,  but I found this episode to be especially interesting and motivating. He already had a home in Las Vegas and was looking for a second one in Hollywood. Here you have a young successful guy who moved to America as a dirt poor 10 year old boy from Vietnam, worked hard and is now living out his dreams with fast cars, expensive homes, the ultimate dot com lifestyle of not having to worry about debt or money for that matter.

Although they never went into detail in what aspect of internet marketing he made all his money and is continuing to do so, but I do know there are quite a few online marketers out there that are making huge amounts of money on a daily basis.  To name a few there is John Chow, Jeremy Shoemaker, Yaro Starak and Kevin Rose. [Read more...]