Online Begging – Does It Really Work?

Begging - Give A HandI never knew much about online beggars until I found myself financially strapped so now I totally relate with them. Hey no need to smirk, you can be sitting pretty one minute and the next it can all be taken away from you. Happens to the best of us. Online begging can help serve and solve a desperate financial situation from the generosity of others who believe in karma…what goes around comes around.

How does online begging work?

Well basically you can get a free blog or register a domain, pay for hosting and create your own website. There are also begging sites that offer to rent you a page that you can use. You could keep it a one-page description of your situation and request a donation which can be paid through paypal. Or you could make your site with more content, provide other useful information, sell products and take donations. The sky’s the limit. But I doubt you can just sit back and collect, as you will need to get visitors to your site or page so will need to promote to get the word out that you need help. It may not work out for everyone but what have you got to lose.

Any successful online beggars?

I haven’t looked deeply into the matter but after doing a simple enough google search I came across Karyn’s website. You could say she is the guru of online beggars. She had lost her job and was $20,000 in debt from being a shopaholic. In any case, back in 2002, she started a website asking people to donate money to pay off her debt. Well, fast forward, it was a big success and people actually donated to cover all her debts that included prada shoes and other fancy stuff she had purchased. She wrote a couple of books, been on some talk shows and I believe there will even be a movie about her life. So I guess you could say she is  a successful online beggar who as a result of her money problems  became rich and famous.

I’m giving online begging a try and don’t know how successful I will be. I’m not looking to get famous but rich would be nice.  First, though, I need to pay off my debts before I can work on the rich part.