Secret Millionaires Who Give Away Money

The other day on tv, they had a Secret Millionaire marathon. I was flipping channels out of boredom and came across it for the first time. I guess this reality tv show has been on for awhile and seems to be getting more popular as a new season is starting. This episode was about a successful businesswoman Dani Johnson who was homeless at 21 and a millionaire by 23. She visited impoverished areas of Knoxville, Tennessee and disguised herself as someone looking for volunteering opportunities while filming a documentary about it. Later on she revealed who she was to the few selected small non-profit organizations plus a  poor family with a child who has leukemia that she was donating thousands of dollars to.

So another one came on after that and another one. I ended up watching 3 episodes…maybe to get inspiration or curious to see how much these secret millionaires were giving and to whom. Mostly they were to local charitable organizations and a few lucky people, averaging around $100,000 in total. But to the individuals or families I didn’t see significant large sums, out of those 3 episodes anyway, the highest was $10,000 to the family with the sick child. Of course to them was a large sum but in the scope of the overall worth of these people it didn’t seem that significant. Maybe in other episodes it could be more depending on the hardship or unless it’s more about giving them hope and just enough to help themself.

The show does offer touching stories of the plights of the unfortunate and these secret millionaires are like knights in shining armor coming to their rescue, which makes for a good feeling all around. But in reality, when we are facing financial hardships there isn’t any millionaire to be found knocking at our door offering us money.

When people are in dire need financially, it is only natural to hope and pray for a miracle. Sure there are miracles to be found but while we are wasting precious time waiting for one we could be putting that time to use by taking action. Nothing can be accomplished overnight, or by throwing in the towel, but every step that is taken can lead to a financial solution.

It somehow seems expected that those who have a lot of money should help others but in reality they can’t help everyone. And if they worked to get where they are, they may not feel that they should just give their money away. If you were a millionaire, would you financially help people you don’t know? It is easy to say but may not be as easy to do. Helping someone doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be rich to do so or that it has to be monetary. Any kind gesture is good karma and everyone should practice it regularly. Afterall it would make the world a better place for all to live in.

If financial freedom is what you are seeking, then a solid financial plan can get you there…not to mention some work and determination too.


  1. Where is a secret (or not) millionaire when in need of one?

  2. i think they feel guilty they have too much is the reason they give.

  3. I saw that show too. Nice to see the rich giving to the needy. A small dent in the pocket can make a huge difference.

  4. Jerry Chappell says:

    This is very hard for me to put in to words.I had a person come into my life and destroy me financially.The stress I’ve indured has been difficult. Im very thankful because God has been with me every step of the way.

  5. Kenny Boulton says:

    I am a 31 year old disabled man. Im married with three beautiful sons.we are living with my adopted parents who took me in at a rough time of my life and now my family too.their are eight of us living in a 3 bedroom 1 bath home that is falling apart all around us I work a parttime job at a gentlemens club but its just barely paying the bills. If it is true that their are millionaires out their to help people im asking for help im at my wits end I spend every seconed,minute,hour of my time just for me and my big family to make it through the week. Please send one of those generous millionaires my way. I desprately need help an im not the type of person to ask anyone for anything I try to help anyone I can I need help now. Sicerely yours KENNY BOULTON

  6. Kenny Boulton says:

    I let my whole family down it was a hit and run. The driver of the white pick up truck that hit me has never been found my oldest son who is 7 now was the only wittness n they said he was to young at the time to be a witness and he is the only one who saw this in the middle of the day. I must have an angel but he or she cannot help me financialy.

    • Vic Timothy says:

      Hi, Kenny. I’m glad to see you here. Unfortunately I don’t have any contacts of millionaires who could help you but I do have experience in personal fundraising. I must say that usually I didn’t get help from millionaires instead I often got help from ordinary people like you and me. The secret of successful personal fundraising is simple – you should focus as many people as possible to your problem. That is why I do recommend readers of my blog to start their own blogs. With his own blog a person is able to:
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  7. DAVID SR says:


  8. Dear David, why can’t you find a job? Have you tried to work from home? Here is a helpful link about working from home . Unfortunately , I can’t help you financially. But I do work from home. So I have better circumstances than you do. That is why I can pray for you. Do you believe in God?

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