Are You Looking For A Millionaire To Pay Your Debt?

If you are looking for some rich person to pay off your debt, you are not alone as there are many who are in the same predicament looking for a way to instantly get rid of debt. The burden of debt and feeling of desperation makes you search for a quick way out, hoping someone will sympathize and help you out of your financial mess. But in reality the likelihood of some wealthy stranger giving away their money randomly to help someone out of a bad financial situation is slim.

When I first started this blog, I hoped that I could get enough donations to eliminate my debt.  I had come across someone who had credit card debt due to lavish spending and was asking for donations on her website. She did succeed in erasing her $20,000 debt mainly through donations but from regular people rather than the rich. Her site had gained popularity and also made the news. I would say her case would be more on the rare side rather than the norm.

Sure there are lots of millionaires out there that help people but most of the time it is through tax-deductible donations to charities. Most of these millionaires weren’t born with a silver spoon as were self-made so they had worked to get where they are. Given that they probably wouldn’t easily part with their money unless there was a benefit in it for them. There may be a few that help out strangers randomly with no expectations but I wouldn’t count on it.

I was curious to see if there are any millionaires out there that would give away money and I came across this one website. Of course the identity of the millionaire philanthropist was kept secret to protect he or she. And they would only help a certain amount of requests a month up to a maximum amount each and couldn’t guarantee it would be you that particular month (or any month for that matter). Seemed like worth a try since it wasn’t costing anything.

It didn’t quite add up because they were requesting in the application that you refer some people to the site. Although you didn’t have to but if you chose not to, then some bold ad came up asking you to visit their sponsor’s website that obviously was selling something or another.  I never did fill out this application just clicked through to see where it would have led, suspecting there was some catch to this generosity and of course there was.

The no brainer was that there are ads on the site that they do make money from and are promoting programs on other parts of their site that would cost money out of your pocket.  I suppose they need to add to their coffer in order to meet all their thousands of requests. 

I also searched around and never found anyone who was helped by this millionaire due to all the anonymity of it all.  It would make you wonder that everyone helped is very good at keeping secrets or if anyone is being helped at all, and basically a gimmick to promote the site to get sponsors and make money for themself. If so, then they have mastered a clever way to make money online.

I myself am not solving my debt problem from donations…though I too wish was the case…but from the effort I’m putting in. When it really comes down to it the only person who can help you get out of debt is yourself.


  1. Sometimes a helping hand is all one needs to lift their spirits and get them going. The world would be a better place if everyone helped one another.

    • Clarence Douglas says:

      THANKS for the enlightening our spirits, we have big struggles thanks again and god bless you.

  2. Jennifer R says:

    Thank you for an enlightening post! Who wouldn’t want a millionaire to take your debt away. I don’t have that kind of luck & have to struggle myself :(

  3. Why beg from rich people?! Most of them are cheap that’s why they have all the money!!

  4. I am happy my bills are close to being paid off. Took some extra jobs and sold a bunch of stuff has helped me a lot.

  5. Christina Meunier says:

    I need someone rich to help me to pay my debt. Thank you.


    • Don’t we all but is not easy to find. Better just to look for ways to add to your income and cut back on expenses. Eventually over time you will be able to reduce and get rid of the debt.

  6. Jennifer says:

    I remember seeing the girl in the news a long time ago. Can you tell me what her website was called? I searched all over the web and cannot find it.

    Also I agree with you. The only one who can help you get out of debt is yourself.

  7. i want a millionaire to help me please

  8. I devote every moment of my life to paying other peoples’ debt – my wife’s and children’s. Seriously though, if I had a truckload of money I think giving it away would be the most exciting and rewarding thing I could ever do. I don’t know why more rich people don’t feel/do the same. When I’m rich, look me up… I’ll be the guy handing out 100 dollar bills at random.

  9. You did an excellent job on your blog and website. Thank you so much for this post.

  10. Has anyone heard of people getting help?

  11. i’m a millionaire and i can say i would not give you beggers one red penny. well maybe one penny

    • michell says:

      well i was never blessed with money, but thank god i was blessed with a big heart. even when i didnt have a dollar to give someone in need, I have bagged up whatever groceries i could spare to help out another less fortunate then me. I was blessed by being loved more then most people recieve in a life time and i plan on giving even if i am poor. because i still feel blessed , i feel rich in other ways. so you keep all your pennies milionaire, cause the poor with good hearts will take care of those “beggers”. one day maybe god will bless me with more , but if that day never comes, i will die a blessed woman.

    • You know what Bob its people like you who will never know what true happiness is and you will spend the rest of your life searching for what you will never find. You will live inside your thoughts and have nothing but empty emotions.

    • bacca molina says:

      you suck! stingy!

    • If you would have a million dollars, you wouldn’t be so angry with someone who is poor. So you are nothing more then a troll, buddy…

    • You know Bob,bet you don’t have any money and no one in your life.You will need help one day and if your lucky maybe someone will give you a penny if your lucky!!! You sound like a really mean unhappy lonely person!!

    • hello bob i’m sure that you’re a millionaire.some millionaire don’t have hearts.they simply talks with mouth not by heart.I’m pity on you.

    • You are probably not a millionaire…and that attitude will do nothing but curse you…shame on you…God gives and God will take away…

  12. michell says:

    and the answer isnt in working harder folks although it all helps. there is power in prayer. the key is praying, i have only been changing my ways since jan. and god is working miracles in my life.and he will do the same for you. look for the lord for help not millionaires. I will rise, and so can you. bless you all and good luck.

  13. I know some rich people who help to those people who most needed..their names are manny pacquiao he help his people poor nor average status..willie revillame they do give their Blessings..the people they helped may not pay them back but God knows how to pay it back miraculously….i do believe that afterlife millions of dollars could not come with u..He will judge u as a person not the status u have in ur life..good luck sir Bob

  14. Zachary says:

    I am working and struggle everyday to put food on my table for my daughter and I. I scrimp and a save and cut back on my expenses as much as possible but I still can’t stretch the little amount of money I have to pay my bills. Any idea what I can do?

    • If you have tried cutting back on expenses and it still doesn’t improve your situation, then it just comes down to not enough money is coming in. Sell things you don’t need and use any skills you have to make extra money on the side whether from your home or garage.

  15. It would be fantastic to have someone generous enough to pay for debt. Realization I know I work hard to pay for what I have and need.

  16. I know that the economy is tough for two income families but I am single and have designed new products for fishing. I am going to pursue this hoping to get on my feet.

  17. I do not agree with Anita.
    Not only she is discouraging people from trying but she is making money writing this above article and making money by advertising how to get help paying off your debts.
    I say don’t give up, keep trying. All you need is one person to say yes I’ll help you. Don’t be discourage even if hundereds say no to you.
    If you don’t ask if won’t be helped.

    • Well I’m not about to tell people to go look for a needle in a haystack, which will be discouraging to say the least. The reality is the chances are slim for a millionaire to help you, so the time wasted in this search could be used constructively to improve one’s situation. For the record, I did not get paid to write this article. I am conveying my personal opinion through what I have researched and experienced.

  18. edward sibayan says:

    i am also in a big debt problem my wife didn’t talk to me anymore im worried about my son he’s studying i want him to grow in good life i want him to finish in good way what will i do? my debts getting close to $10,000 my brain are getting to cracked im crying and praying every night im hoping that someone will help me to finish this debt of mine…im sorry i just want to share this problem because im not rich person when i was born if there’s someone who will help me thank you very much and god bless you all

    • I know it is very difficult being in debt and not being able to see a solution to it. To get a handle on debt is by selling things you don’t need, cutting back on expenses & downsizing and using your skills to take on the side jobs that can make you extra money. By taking these steps you will eventually get rid of the debt. Don’t lose hope as things can always improve.

    • Vic Timothy says:

      >> im hoping that someone will help me to finish this debt of mine

      Edward, I do want to encourage you. The problem is in our economy. Everyone should get a job and work to earn a living. However none of us can work his whole life even 8 hours for 5 days a week. But if you have your own blog, your blog will be working for you 7 days a week 24 hours a day.

      To go on I’d like to talk about a mith of a millionaire who could pay your debt and help you. I do have experience with personal fundraising and I NEVER got help from a millionaire, instead I got help from ordinary people like myself. That is why I decided to have a blog. With your own blog you can target more people to a problem no matter if it’s personal or social one. That is why I recommend all my readers to have their own blogs:

      1. You will not have to look for people but people will be looking for you.

      2. You can get extra income from blogging.

      If you don’t know where to start, I’d like to offer you my free wordpress installation service.

      • Ok I am going to try blogging I have been thinking about doing it for awhile.I have a story and I want to get it out there.I say something good has to come from something bad and this is it!! So thank you and I will let you know how it goes.Everyones life is a story.

      • nobodyspecialjusaMom says:

        This is a hard time for a woman like me. I have 4 children and have been without a job since christmas. I CANT SEEM TO MAKE ENDS meet. But reading the storys of the rich helping families still some how gives me hope that the world im raising kids in might sl have decent ppl with hearts. so its nice to hear. All i ever ask for from anyone is for prayer. My old van is on it last leg. so sometime she leaves me walking to the store or doctors office. But i font blame others. I STILL PRAY! WITH STRONG faith. I DONT call it
        begging asking someone for a job. Although ppl treat me and my family as if were are not of this planet.
        It really does amaze me though that the lord has bless those to help others .so in this i just would like to say please keep me and my 4 babies in your prayers. As i will keep praying the lord keeps blessing u!

  19. Its all wishful thinking some of us just need a little help to pay for a deposit on a place to live for there 1 year old….. just shows when u need help you just cant get it

  20. I’ve always worked nd taken care of my issues one way or another so actually if anything not even help with my financial issues. Inspiration and a heart go along ways.

  21. You have to learn how to sell. This will help you get out of debt. Some can even get rich if they decide to follow the guidelines strictly. Here is the course that can help:

  22. one thing about it day can not take it with them and if it was not for the poor people they would not be rich today I am having to sale my house so it looks like someone is going to get a little richer. I have a sick wife and layoff the dream is gone thank you rich people

  23. It is sad to hear of so many that live in poverty. People who work hard but don’t seem to get to a place where they can say they are paying the bills and doing ok. These people do know how to work and cut back on all expenses. These people need a ‘pay it forward’ to just help them get started. However, there are also many who are asking for money because of credit card debt, loan debt, or just because they feel they can’t work. And yet these same people seem to have access to a computer to beg for this money. How long would it be before these same people be back in debt? I also feel that some of these people are not looking at the whole picture. “If you give a man a fish he will eat for a day, but if you teach a man to fish he will eat for a life time” I am not positive but I believe the quote comes from the bible. Like most of you I too am in debt, but what I have learned from this blog is that seeking out a millionaire to pay for my debt might be a wonderful idea it will not teach me how to fish. Selling my belonging, blogging, and seeking ‘get rich schemes’ will also not help. However, reducing expenses and seeking ways to increase my income has also come to an end. Seeking professional help (which is offered at a low cost or for free) will be the answer. Maybe there are millionaires out there that help people but my guess is that they don’t give money away for free, however they might teach you to how to fish. God Bless.

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