Saving Money with a Costco Membership

Whether you are in debt or just trying to make ends meet, it makes sense to find ways to stretch your dollar.  Many of the grocery stores offer club member cards so you can get discounts or earn points to get free groceries. They don’t usually cost and you can easily have a number of cards. It’s a way for the grocery stores to compete to get your business and you to save money.

Costco, on the other hand charges for their membership as they claim to have the lowest prices which is especially ideal for bulk buyers, large families and businesses   You can’t enter and buy from a costco store without showing your membership card. They even have a gas station on their lots that you can get discounted gas using your membership card. [Read more...]

How I Make Money Selling on Kijiji

When Ebay was in its heyday and everyone was buying & selling, I was one of those sellers that actually did very good. If I didn’t do it all myself, I could have pushed it up a notch. Why I didn’t buy ebay stock when it was cheap and has since split so many times, that alone could have made anyone a millionaire. I guess I was busy enough that I didn’t have time to do any kind of financial planning let alone spending. I was able to gather a downpayment for a house that I shortly flipped for a nice profit, which eventually led to owning a really nice home and having some investments. Those were the days.

Now it’s much harder to make money from Ebay, although I’m sure some still do. But when you take the high costs of shipping and all the fees you have to pay, it just doesn’t seem worth it. [Read more...]

When Helping Someone Just Doesn’t Pay

I truly believe in helping others, especially when it involves kids. They are the innocent ones that usually end up suffering due to poor adult decisions. When I first heard the saying “no good deed goes unpunished”,  I didn’t really understand it because why would anyone get punished for doing a good deed for someone? Well that was until I was the recipient of punishment for one recently and now I fully understand it. There are just people out there that associate kindness with ulterior motives and don’t know how to be gracious at all, just assuming that they are deserving of things at someone else’s expense. Not only that they will lie to get whatever they want and are generally cynical towards people who have more than them.

There just are too many takers in this world and not enough givers. Money greed makes it all the worse. When anything involves money, people can be at their worst and it can tear apart friendships and families. [Read more...]