When Helping Someone Just Doesn’t Pay

I truly believe in helping others, especially when it involves kids. They are the innocent ones that usually end up suffering due to poor adult decisions. When I first heard the saying “no good deed goes unpunished”,  I didn’t really understand it because why would anyone get punished for doing a good deed for someone? Well that was until I was the recipient of punishment for one recently and now I fully understand it. There are just people out there that associate kindness with ulterior motives and don’t know how to be gracious at all, just assuming that they are deserving of things at someone else’s expense. Not only that they will lie to get whatever they want and are generally cynical towards people who have more than them.

There just are too many takers in this world and not enough givers. Money greed makes it all the worse. When anything involves money, people can be at their worst and it can tear apart friendships and families. [Read more...]

Have I Got An Epic Deal For You – 50% Off Web Hosting & Free WordPress Installation

My web host provider, Hostgator, is having a 50% off hosting sale in celebration of their 11th birthday. Since Hostgator already has low prices, which is amongst the lowest in the industry, now on Snappy’s birthday you can get an even better deal with hosting as low as $2.48 a month, a new domain for $2.95 plus free wordpress installation on top. What could be a better deal than that.

But you will have to hurry, because this hosting special is only for today and ends at 11:59 p.m. central time.  [Read more...]

All The Things To Be Thankful For

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving and the American one is just around the corner. It’s probably a good day as any to reflect on the things to be thankful for. Sometimes we take for granted what we actually have and concentrate more on the things we want to have.

Thanksgiving is a holiday that really is about gratitude. And the great thing is this is one holiday anyone of any belief or faith can fully acknowledge and take part in. Even if we are faced with debt and money issues or other circumstances that weigh heavy on us, one thing for sure is there are things indeed we can be grateful for. [Read more...]